The Space Between the Notes

I’ve been listening to one of my all-time favorite pieces – Nimrod (or “August 9 Adagio) from the Enigma variations by Elgar, conducted by Daniel Barenboim (see video here).   Barenboim takes the tempo slow, producing the most brilliant rendition I’ve ever heard.  It is lush, sweeping, and the moment it begins, the hair on my […]

Happy New Year

Facing a new year often provides excitement with a little trepidation of what the new year may bring.   I always look forward to this time of year, anticipating the new joys and sorrows of living another year.  This year I find myself in an “unplanned” place – recovering from surgery and unable to play […]

A Fork in the Road

I’ve been benched.  Completely and utterly down for the count.   I fell last week and injured my hand.  It will require surgical repair, which is happening tomorrow.  In the midst of my busy music-making season, I have had to cancel engagements, something I’ve never had to do before.  And I won’t be making music […]

Why handbells?

Why do I love handbells? Oh, there are so many reasons. Handbells, by their very nature, form a community when played by a full choir of musicians. They help build the team, by the very necessity of each and every ringer who plays their position. They are accessible to people who might not ever play […]