A Fork in the Road

benchI’ve been benched.  Completely and utterly down for the count.   I fell last week and injured my hand.  It will require surgical repair, which is happening tomorrow.  In the midst of my busy music-making season, I have had to cancel engagements, something I’ve never had to do before.  And I won’t be making music for a few months, as I heal and rehabilitate my hand.  So for the next little while my writings will focus more on the rests that occur in music-making, both figuratively and literally.  I’ve been reminded again and again that the rests in a piece of music are as important as the notes, perhaps more so.  Those rests give the room a chance to breathe, the ear a chance to rest, the heart a moment to anticipate what is coming next.  And so it is with me tonight, as I prepare for surgery tomorrow.  I’m giving the room a chance to breathe, my head a chance to rest and my heart  a moment to anticipate what awaits for me around the corner.

One thought on “A Fork in the Road

  1. So sorry to read this Linda. I hope your surgery isn’t too stressful and that you have a speedy recovery – although don’t be tempted to start ringing again too soon..

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